Best Korean Movies on Netflix in April 2022 (2023)

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If you're a movie lover, you've probably seen a bunch of movies, and you know that Korean movies are great too. These films are aesthetically pleasing and masterfully crafted with the best stories. In recent years, Korean cinema has attracted a lot of attention, and some of the best Korean films have also won Oscars.

The differentiating factor between Korean and Hollywood films is the unpredictability and realistic approach of Korean films. Unfortunately, language is the only barrier that can stop many people from watching such great movies. But hey! You can even enjoy them with subtitles.

In this article, we have compiled some of them.The best Korean movies on Netflix.This is the perfect watchlist for your spare time and will make you want to discover more movies. Trust me, most Korean movie stories will blow your mind, and you might end up feeling a connection with every character in the movie. In addition, you can also check.Comedy Live on Netflixfor guaranteed laughs.

Then choose a movie and start watching it. Also check out some of theThe best movies on Netflix 2022because these are definitely worth your time.


Best Korean Movies on Netflix in April 2022 (1)

Director:Choi Dong Hoon

Writer:Lee Ki-Cheol, Choi Dong-hoon

Pour:Jun Ji-Hyun, Lee Jung-jae, Cho Jin-woong, Ha Jung-woo, Oh Dal-su

This exciting and suspenseful Korean spy action movie is the perfect choice for anyone who is bored right now. The film revolves around a murder plot designed to spawn a Japanese group. Japanese forces have taken over Korea and now Yem Sek-Jin, a permanent fighter, has carried out the plan to assassinate the Japanese commander. But before they succeed, they are tricked by their own group member. Enemies also chase them, which causes them bigger problems. This epic movie will blow your mind! The stunts, the efforts, the shots, everything has excellent projection. Also, don't forget to check something elsegood action moviesto stream, which are in high demand on Netflix.


Best Korean Movies on Netflix in April 2022 (2)

Director:Jan Hang-jun

Writer:Jan Hang-jun

Pour:Kang Haneul, Kim Muyeol, Na Younghee, Moon Sung-geun

A bunch of genres in one movie? Sounds crazy, right? But it won't be after seeing Forgotten. The movie revolves around thriller, horror, science fiction, murder, mystery and thriller! On a rainy day, young Jin-Seok witnesses his brother Yoo-Seok being kidnapped. He sees his brother being dragged into a car. Nineteen days passed before the incident, and suddenly his brother returned. This is where the real excitement begins. Now Jin searches for the truth about his brother's kidnapping. The frequent violence and horror in the film will make your heart race. If you want more horror movies like this one, we have a list of them.The best horror movies on Netflix..

time to hunt

Best Korean Movies on Netflix in April 2022 (3)

Director: Yoon Sunghyun

Writer:Yoon Sung Hyun

pour: Ahn Jae-hong, Lee Je-hoon, Choi Woo-shik, Park Hae Soo

(Video) TOP 10 Best Korean Movies To Watch On Netflix Before You Die! [2022]

Korea's near future will be dystopian and will go through a financial crisis. To survive in the world, a group of 4 young thieves plan a heist to rob the underground casino. Although the group almost manages to steal a good amount of money, the people who run this shady business are not so happy about this sudden theft. So they appoint a ruthless killer. But unfortunately, at this point, the group realizes the consequences of their actions. The relentless killer is now after them, hunting each of the members. But there's only one who makes it to the end: Jun-Seok.

search in seoul

Best Korean Movies on Netflix in April 2022 (4)

Director:Benson Lee

Writer:Benson Lee

Pour:Justin Chon, Esteban Ahn, Albert Kong, Jessica Van, Teo Yoo

Something new and fresh for a non-Korean, Seoul Searching is a fun and exciting teen movie. The film follows the actual experiences of the filmmaker himself (Benson Lee) as a teenager. Seoul Searching boldly expressed the struggles of youth and what it means to be Korean.

With mixed feelings of fighting, action, emotional moments and love affairs, Seoul Searching feels like a movie that is a mixture ofbreakfast clubit's a littleCrazy rich asians.Also, if you're a teenager yourself, you'd identify with this movie more.


Best Korean Movies on Netflix in April 2022 (5)

Director:Bong Joon Ho

Writer:Jon RonsonBong Joon Ho

Pour:Paul Dano, Steven Yeun, Tilda Swinton, Lily Collins, Seo-Hyeon Ahn

Okja, a giant pet, has been cared for by her friendly companion Mija for over ten years. Mija took care of Okja in the mountains of South Korea. But that wasn't until the multinational conglomerate Mariando Corporation kidnapped her in New York. Mija tried to stop Okja from being kidnapped, but it was too late and she had been kidnapped. In New York, people had big plans for Okja, but Mija wasn't an easy girl either. With only one purpose in mind, she headed to New York to rescue and rescue her friend.


Best Korean Movies on Netflix in April 2022 (6)

Director:Chang You Jeong

Writer:Sung-Hye Heo, Chang You-Jeong

Pour:Ma Dong-seok, Lee Hanee, Ji Chang-wook, Lee Dong-hwi

do you love comedy? That is all! The Bros is a hilarious Korean comedy story about two brothers (Lee Joo-Bong and Lee Suk-Bong) who meet at their father's funeral in their hometown. But instead of getting together, the two live completely different lives and try to solve their own problems. Then one day a woman was hit by a car called "Aurora". The accident changes their lives as the two brothers discover secrets about their family, secrets they never knew.

the king of drugs

Best Korean Movies on Netflix in April 2022 (7)

Director:Woo Min Ho

Writer:Woo Min Ho

Pour:Kang-ho Song, Bae Doona, Jo Jung-suk, Kim So-jin, Jo Woo-jin

Watching this movie in one sitting makes 2 hours and 19 minutes feel like 20 minutes! The filmthe king of drugsis a fascinating story about the life of smuggler Lee Doo-Sam. In the 1970s, Lee Do-Sam built a drug smuggling empire in the underworld of Busan, South Korea. However, someone wants him to fall: Kim In-goo (the promoter). Kim In-goo came to try and defeat Lee Doo-Sam. But who wins? Well, to find out, you need to add this to your watchlist. If you are a fan of underworld movies, you must see ours.Underworld movies in a rowthe blog.

(Video) 10 Best Korean Movies To Watch On Netflix 2022

lucid dream

Best Korean Movies on Netflix in April 2022 (8)

Director: Jun-sung Kim

Writer:jun-sung kim

Pour:Go Soo, Kang Hye-Jung, Cheon Ho-jin, Park In-Hwan, Park Yoochun

Lucid Dream is another beautiful and exceptionally dreamy film. After an uninterrupted 3-year struggle to find his son, the journalist tries to use his lucid dreams and others to find clues to locate his missing son. The film bounces back and forth between the real world and the dream world, making it suspenseful and, not to mention, one of theThe Best Korean Movies on Netflix.


Best Korean Movies on Netflix in April 2022 (9)

Director:Park Jung Woo

Writer:Park Jung-Woo, Park Jung-Woo

Pour:Kim Nam-Gil, Kim Ju-Hyeon, Moon Jeong-hee, Kim Young-Ae, Jeong Jin-yeong

Today, when films like Avengers and Fast and Furious are set in the fictional world, films like Pandora take us to the real consequences of a catastrophic situation. Pandora is a breathtaking masterpiece. It depicts a catastrophic day in South Korea after an explosion at a nuclear power plant caused by an earthquake. The film takes you through the emotions of fun, sadness and fear. In addition, it teaches viewers how to behave in these situations.

The call

Best Korean Movies on Netflix in April 2022 (10)

Director: Lee Chung Hyeon

writer: Lee Chung Hyeon

pour: Park Shin-Hye, Jeon Jong-Seo, Lee El, Kim Sung-Ryung

Asian films are reaching new heights and The Call is proof of that.The callis an exciting and suspenseful story of a girl. Kim Seo-Yeon, a 28-year-old girl, loses her cell phone on her way to visit her sick mother. Arriving at his childhood home in a rural area, he discovers an old cordless telephone. And now he's getting calls from decades ago. Every time he gets a call, a distraught woman tells him that her mother is torturing her. But the woman herself is controlled by someone else.

The hunt

Best Korean Movies on Netflix in April 2022 (11)

Director:Kim Hong Sun

Writer:Yu Gap-yeol, Park Won-jin, Lee Chan-young

Pour:Kim Hye-in, Sung Dong-il, Wi Ha-joon, Yun-Shik Baek,

One of the best Korean movies of all time.The hunt, is an incredibly fantastic film in the South Korean serial killer genre. This film is full of suspense, humor and emotions that will not take your eyes off you. The film revolves around a homeowner who teams up with a former detective and works to investigate a 30-year-old murder that remains unsolved. The film speaks for itself and is truly unmissable!

night in paradise

Best Korean Movies on Netflix in April 2022 (12)

Director:Parque Hoon Jung

(Video) TOP 10 Best Netflix Korean Movies 2017-2021 | Watch Now on Netflix!

writer: Park Hoon Jung

pour: Jeon Yeo-been, Uhm Tae-goo, Cha Seung-won, Park Ho-san

Though released in 2020,night in paradisestill one of themBest Korean Movies on Netflix 2022. Although this crime thriller is not in the "horror" genre, it can be scary at times due to the acts of violence and bloodshed. If you watch the movie, the ending is literally drenched in blood. So you see, a night in paradise can be a night in hell for others!

steel rain

Best Korean Movies on Netflix in April 2022 (13)


Writer:Jung Ha-yong, Woo-seok Yang

Pour:Kwak Do‑won, Jo Woo‑jin, Kim Kap‑soo, Kim Ui‑Seong

Despite being surrounded by the coup, a North Korean agent flees south with the country's wounded leader to rescue him. The leader is very important because he is the only one who can stop the nuclear war. This political thriller has a strong narrative and therefore lands as one of theThe Best Korean Movies on Netflix.


Best Korean Movies on Netflix in April 2022 (14)

Director:Cho II Hyung

Writer:Cho II Hyung, Matt Naylor

Pour:Yoo Ah-In, Park Shin-Hye, Jeon Bae-Soo, Hyun Wook-Lee

This film tells the story of a person who is the only survivor after an unknown infection spreads through the city. It will be difficult for him to deal with all the zombies that are roaming everywhere and ready to attack at any moment. Will he be able to survive all this chaos? The only way to find out is by watching the movie.

the eighth night

Best Korean Movies on Netflix in April 2022 (15)

Director:Kim Taehyung

Writer:Kim Taehyung

Pour:Lee Sung-Min, Park Hae Joon, Kim Yoo-Jeong, Nam Da-reum

Korean cinema consistently produces some of the best films in all genres.the eighth nightIt's one of those movies that makes the list ofThe Best Korean Movies on Netflix.In this horror film, a monk fights a spirit thousands of years old. It won't be easy, of course, then survive?

had the police

Best Korean Movies on Netflix in April 2022 (16)

Director:Lee Jeong Beom

Writer:Lee Jeong Beom

Pour:Jeon So-nee, Lee Sun-gyun, Park Hae-joon, Jung Ga-ram

(Video) 21 Best Korean Movies To Watch On Netflix Before You Die! [2021]

As the name suggests, the story revolves around a bad cop who teams up with a teenager to solve a mystery in time.

High society

Best Korean Movies on Netflix in April 2022 (17)

Director:Carlos Walters.

Writer:patrick johannes

Pour:Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby.

High societyit's basically a story between three men and a woman. All the men are trying to pursue a beautiful lady named Tracy Lord and each of them is trying their best to fit in. Full of mystery, fun and seriousness makes it one of theBest Korean Movies on Netflix 2022.So what are you waiting for? Grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy this exciting movie!

Svaha: Or sixth finger

Best Korean Movies on Netflix in April 2022 (18)

Director:chae hyon chang

Writer:Chae - Hyon Chang

Pour:Lee Jae-in, Lee Jung-Jae, Park Jung-min

Svaha is full of mysteries and a conspiracy movie. The police suspect a case where they soon discover that a murderer belongs to a mysterious sect that is being investigated.

The host

Best Korean Movies on Netflix in April 2022 (19)

Director:Bong Joon Ho

Writer:Stephenie Meyer

Pour:Kang-ho Song, Bae Doona, Go Ah-sung

The host is one ofThe Best Korean Movies on Netflixthat you can't miss. Hyun-Seo is a young woman who suddenly disappears. Her family soon realizes that an unusual monster is holding them captive in the Han River in Seoul. A combination of stunning images and an impeccable background in the host deserves a million compliments.

tune in for love

Best Korean Movies on Netflix in April 2022 (20)

Director:Jun Ji - Woo

Writer:Lee Jin Hyuk

Pour:Jung Hae-in, Kim Go-Eun, Jeong Upo-Jin.

The name of the film suggests that it is based on a love story, but this is not entirely true. The film also teaches a life lesson worth watching. A teenager and a student meet at a bakery and fall in love. But happiness separates them. Their determination and patience allow them to stay with their feelings.

Another but of her

The best thing about the movies is that there are so many different parts of the world to explore. Films will help you understand different cultures and ways of thinking. In addition to Hollywood, Bollywood, Korean cinema, is also gaining ground in the film world. It gets the attention it deserves due to its high quality movies and unique stories.

(Video) Best Korean Movies of 2022 so far (Jan~June) | EONTALK

If you've never seen a Korean movie and are having trouble finding one, don't worry; we have you. Here in this article is a list of some of them.The best Korean movies on Netflix.These films are a feast for the eyes with their best cinematography and unpredictable plot. So why wait? Have fun watching these movies!


What is the best Kdrama on Netflix 2022? ›

Best Korean dramas on Netflix in 2022
  • Forecasting Love and Weather. ...
  • Glitch. ...
  • Juvenile Justice. ...
  • Little Women. ...
  • Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area. ...
  • Narco-Saints. ...
  • The Sound of Magic. ...
  • Thirty-Nine.
Dec 26, 2022

Which movie is trending on Netflix 2022? ›

  • The Gray Man (265.9 million hours)
  • The Adam Project (260.5 million hours)
  • Purple Hearts (240.4 million hours)
  • Hustle (198.3 million hours)
  • The Sea Beast (190.1 million hours)
  • The Tinder Swindler (172.1 million hours)
  • The Man From Toronto (170.8 million hours)
  • Senior Year (167.6 million hours)
Dec 30, 2022

What is Korea's top 10 Netflix today? ›

Top 10 By Country
  • Crash Course in Romance: Season 1. #1 this week. Watch now. ...
  • Physical: 100: Season 1. #2 this week. ...
  • The Interest of Love: Season 1. #3 this week. ...
  • Red Balloon: Season 1. #4 this week. ...
  • True Beauty. #5 this week. ...
  • The Glory: Season 1. #6 this week. ...
  • I am Solo: Part 9 - #7 this week. ...
  • Awaken: Season 1. #8 this week.

Which Korean movie is interesting on Netflix? ›

Space Sweepers (2021)

What are the top 3 movies playing on Netflix right now? ›

Find out what U.S. subscribers are watching right now.
  1. Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022)
  2. Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (2022) ...
  3. You People (2023) ...
  4. Enough (2001) ...
  5. True Spirit (2023) ...
  6. I Can Do Bad All By Myself (2009) ...
7 days ago

What is the number 1 Korean Netflix? ›

1. Squid Game – 1 season (2021 – present) The show that launched Korean shows on Netflix into new living rooms worldwide, Squid Game is a brutal yet thrilling drama series with heart. It set records when it came out in 2021, reaching number one in Netflix's top 10 in 94 different countries, including the US and UK.

What is the top 5 Korean drama? ›

Answer: 'Business Proposal,' 'Forecasting Love And Weather,' ' Ghost Doctor,' 'Twenty Five, TwentyOne,' 'Juvenile Justice,' 'Grid,' and 'All Of Us Are Dead' are some of the best K-dramas that you must watch in 2022. Question: Which are the best Korean TV shows to watch in 2022?

What are 5 most watched Netflix? ›

Harry & Meghan | Official Trailer | Netflix
  • Stranger Things Season 4. Netflix. ...
  • Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Netflix. ...
  • Wednesday. VLAD CIOPLEANetflix. ...
  • Bridgerton Season 2. LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX. ...
  • Bridgerton Season 1. LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX. ...
  • Stranger Things Season 3. Netflix. ...
  • Lucifer Season 5. JOHN P. ...
  • The Witcher Season 1.
Dec 27, 2022

What are the top 5 most watched movies on Netflix? ›

The 10 Most Watched Movies on Netflix, Ever
  • 4 'Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery' (2022)
  • 5 'The Gray Man' (2022) ...
  • 6 'The Adam Project' (2022) ...
  • 7 'Extraction' (2020) 231,340,000 Hours. ...
  • 8 'Purple Hearts' (2022) 228,690,000 Hours. ...
  • 9 'The Unforgivable' (2021) 214,700,000 Hours. ...
  • 10 'The Irishman' (2019) 214,570,000 Hours. ...

What is top 1 on Netflix right now? ›

Top 10 By Country
  • Your Place or Mine. #1 this week. Watch now. ...
  • Minions: The Rise of Gru. #2 this week. Watch now. ...
  • Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile. #3 this week. Watch now. ...
  • You People. #4 this week. Watch now. ...
  • Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All by Myself. #5 this week. ...
  • Enough. #6 this week. ...
  • True Spirit. #7 this week. ...
  • Bad Boys II. #8 this week.

What is the number 1 Korean movie? ›

Domestic films by admissions
RankEnglish titleDirector
1The Admiral: Roaring CurrentsKim Han-min
2Extreme JobLee Byeong-heon
3Along With the Gods: The Two WorldsKim Yong-hwa
4Ode to My FatherYoon Je-kyoon
63 more rows

What is the most viewed Korean drama on Netflix? ›

Probably the most popular Korean drama on Netflix to date is a love story between a North Korean soldier and an heiress from South Korea called Crash Landing on You.

What Korean show is trending on Netflix? ›

Popular on NetflixExplore more
  • Love to Hate You.
  • Extraordinary Attorney Woo.
  • Crash Course in Romance.
  • Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.
  • Business Proposal.
  • Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)
  • The King's Affection.
  • My First First Love.

What is the most viewed Korean movie 2022? ›

In 2022, the most viewed movie in South Korea was the Korean crime action movie "The Roundup" with around 12.7 million viewers.

What's new on Netflix Korean? ›

Other new series this year run the gamut of romance (A Time Called You, Behind Your Touch (working title), Crash Course in Romance, Destined with You, Doona!, King the Land, Love to Hate You, See You In My 19th Life), social commentary and intrigue (Bloodhounds, Celebrity, Mask Girl), drama (Daily Dose of Sunshine, ...

What is the new Netflix Korean thriller? ›

Unlocked is an upcoming South Korean Netflix Original thriller directed by Kim Tae Joon, and the adaptation of the Japanese movie Stolen Identity. The film will be the second Korean Original movie to be released on Netflix in 2023.

What was the #1 Netflix movie of all time? ›

"Red Notice" is Netflix's biggest original movie ever, with 364 million hours watched in its first month.

What is hot in Netflix now? ›

Popular on NetflixExplore more
  • Closer.
  • The Next 365 Days.
  • Lady Chatterley's Lover.
  • MILF.
  • No Limit.
  • More the Merrier.
  • 365 Days.
  • Madame Claude.

What's the best movie on Netflix tonight? ›

The 23 best Netflix movies to stream right now
  • It Follows (2014) Trailer. 83 % ...
  • The Disciple (2020) Trailer. 83 % ...
  • Raw (2016) Trailer. 81 % ...
  • Da 5 Bloods (2020) Trailer. 82 % ...
  • If Beale Street Could Talk (2018) Trailer. 87 % ...
  • The Wonder (2022) Trailer. 109m. ...
  • Wendell & Wild (2022) Trailer. 107m. ...
  • His House (2020) Trailer. 93m.
Jan 6, 2023

What is Netflix's biggest hit show? ›

Netflix's most watched TV shows, ranked
  • Squid Game (season 1), a Korean survival thriller -- 1.65 billion hours.
  • Stranger Things (season 4), a retro sci-fi series -- 1.35 billion hours.
  • Wednesday, a coming-of-age supernatural dark comedy -- 1.24 billion hours.
7 days ago

Which Korean drama is very famous? ›

The Top 50 Highest-Rating Korean Dramas of All Time
  • The World of the Married (2020) Rating: 28.371% ...
  • Reborn Rich (2022) Rating: 26.948% ...
  • Sky Castle (2018) Rating: 23.779% ...
  • Crash Landing on You (2019) Rating: 21.683% ...
  • Reply 1988 (2015) Rating: 18.803% ...
  • Goblin (2016) ...
  • Mr. Sunshine (2018) ...
  • Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022)
Feb 7, 2023

Which is the most romantic K-drama in Netflix? ›

Popular on NetflixExplore more
  • Love to Hate You.
  • Crash Course in Romance.
  • Alchemy of Souls.
  • Business Proposal.
  • Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.
  • Forecasting Love and Weather.
  • It's Okay to Not Be Okay.
  • Crash Landing on You.

Which is the most watched Korean Series? ›

TV Series, South Korea (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)
  • Big Mouth (2022) ...
  • Mr. Sunshine (2018) ...
  • Itaewon Class (2020) ...
  • Dragon Age: Absolution (2022– ) ...
  • The King's Affection (2021– ) ...
  • Hellbound (2021– ) ...
  • Revenge of Others (2022– ) ...
  • The Uncanny Counter (2020–2021) TV-14 | 65 min | Action, Fantasy, Horror.

What is the #1 movie right now 2022? ›

Top Gun: Maverick

Is there any Korean movies on Netflix? ›

From comedies to thrillers, there are so many great Korean films on Netflix that you'll want to watch on repeat. Be prepared to meet your new favorite movie.

Who is the most popular Korean movie actor? ›

Who Are The Most Popular Korean Actors?
  • Lee Min Ho. Lee Min Ho is also a highly well-known South Korean actor who has starred in T.V. ...
  • Lee Jong Suk. Lee Jong Suk was born on September 14, 1989, in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. ...
  • Kim Woo Bin. ...
  • Kim Soo Hyun. ...
  • Ji Chang Wook. ...
  • Park Seo Joon. ...
  • Lee Joon Gi. ...
  • Song Joong Ki.

What is Korean movie called? ›

Hallyuwood, a compound word combining the word Hallyu (Korean Wave) with wood from Hollywood, is the informal term popularly used to describe the Korean-language entertainment and film industry in South Korea.

Which Korean drama has the highest rating in April 2022? ›

Rating: 14.597 per cent

Available on Netflix, Our Blues is a feel-good, slice-of-life drama that has since become one of the highest-rated dramas in South Korean cable television history since airing in April 2022.

What is the most searched on Netflix? ›

The Top 10 most popular TV (English), based on hours viewed in their first 28 days on Netflix.
Most Popular TV (English)
#TV (English)Hours viewed in first 28 days
1Stranger Things 41,352,090,000
2Wednesday: Season 11,237,150,000
8 more rows

What is the biggest Kdrama of all time? ›

Top 40 Best and Highest Rated Korean Dramas of All Time
  • Mr. Queen (2020)
  • Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022)
  • Mr. Sunshine (2018)
  • Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016)
  • Reply 1988 (2015)
  • Crash Landing on You (2019)
  • Sky Castle (2018)
  • The World of the Married (2020)
Feb 10, 2023

What are the best K dramas in 2022? ›

Here is our pick of the best Korean dramas of 2022, ranked from good to great.
  1. Little Women.
  2. My Liberation Notes. ...
  3. Twenty-Five Twenty-One. ...
  4. Extraordinary Attorney Woo. ...
  5. Anna: Director's Cut. ...
  6. Pachinko. ...
  7. Our Blues. ...
  8. Shadow Detective. ...
Dec 27, 2022

Which Korean movie has highest IMDB rating? ›

Feature Film, Korean (Sorted by Number of Votes Descending)
  1. Parasite (2019) R | 132 min | Drama, Thriller. ...
  2. Oldboy (2003) R | 120 min | Action, Drama, Mystery. ...
  3. Train to Busan (2016) ...
  4. Memories of Murder (2003) ...
  5. The Handmaiden (2016) ...
  6. I Saw the Devil (2010) ...
  7. The Host (2006) ...
  8. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring (2003)

Which is the best Korean drama till now? ›

Best Korean Dramas on Netflix
  • Squid Game.
  • Crash Landing on You.
  • Hometown Cha Cha Cha.
  • Memories of the Alhambra.
  • All of Us Are Dead.
  • Business Proposal.
  • It's Okay to Not Be Okay.
  • Thirty Nine.

Which is the most thrilling Kdrama? ›

Viewers may be intrigued to know that a major, significant shocker happens in the first few episodes of the show.
  • 'Little Women' (2022) ...
  • 'Signal' (2016) ...
  • 'Beyond Evil' (2021) ...
  • 'Mine' (2021) ...
  • 'Strangers From Hell' (2019) ...
  • 'Stranger' (2017) ...
  • 'Through the Darkness' (2022) ...
  • 'Flower of Evil' (2020)
Nov 21, 2022

What is the most liked film on Netflix? ›

Red Notice

What are the top 10 movies being watched on Netflix? ›

The 10 most popular movies on Netflix right now
  • Bad Boys II (2003) 38 % ...
  • True Spirit (2023) 50 % ...
  • Enough (2002) 25 % 5.7/10. ...
  • I Can Do Bad All By Myself (2009) 55 % 4.6/10. ...
  • You People (2023) 49 % 4.6/10. ...
  • Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (2022) 51 % 6.1/10. ...
  • Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022) 56 % 6.6/10. ...
  • Your Place or Mine (2023) 51 % 5.7/10.
2 days ago

What is the 10 most popular series on Netflix? ›

The 10 most popular TV shows on Netflix right now
  • Love Is Blind season 3 (2020) ...
  • Physical: 100 season 1 (2023) ...
  • New Amsterdam season 3 (2018) 63 % ...
  • New Amsterdam season 2 (2018) 63 % ...
  • Ginny & Georgia season 2 (2021) 64 % ...
  • New Amsterdam season 4 (2018) 63 % ...
  • New Amsterdam season 1 (2018) 63 % ...
  • You season 4 part 1 (2018) 72 %
3 days ago

How do I see hidden movies on Netflix? ›

To explore these collections — ordering off the secret menu, if you will — all you need to do is fire up your web browser, type in “” and then add your ID code of choice to the end of the URL.

What is the Netflix secret menu? ›

Netflix secret codes to unlock hidden genres
  • Action & Adventure: 1365.
  • Action Comedies: 43040.
  • Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 1568.
  • Action Thrillers: 43048.
  • Adult Animation: 11881.
  • Adventures: 7442.
  • African Movies: 3761.
  • Alien Sci-Fi: 3327.
Dec 20, 2022


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